Psiconnea revolutionises the psychotechnology sector at the Gandía eHealth District Demo Day

15 de junio de 2023 – Gandía

Last week, at the prestigious Gandía District eHealth Demo Day event, experts and enthusiasts from the field of health and technology gathered to discover the latest innovations in the sector. One of the prominent players was Psiconnea, an up-and-coming startup that is revolutionizing the way we approach mental health and psychological well-being through the application of advanced technology. On this occasion, we will explore how Psiconnea is leading psychotechnology and how its participation in the Gandía Demo eHealth Day left all attendees amazed and excited for the future of mental health.

A new era in psychotechnology:

Psychotechnology is an emerging discipline that merges psychology with technology to offer innovative solutions in the field of mental health. Psiconnea, a pioneering startup in this field, has become a benchmark thanks to its avant-garde approach and its high-quality products. Its mission is to harness the power of technology to improve people’s lives by providing accessible and effective tools for mental health care.

Participation in Gandía Demo eHealth Day:

The Gandía Demo eHealth Day is an annual event that brings together the main players in the health and technology industry, providing a space for the presentation and demonstration of the latest innovations. Psiconnea was selected as one of the outstanding startups to participate in this prestigious event and it did not disappoint.

During his presentation, Psiconnea presented his flagship product: a mobile application based on artificial intelligence and data analysis for self-knowledge and emotional well-being. The app uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze users’ moods, thought patterns and emotions, offering personalized recommendations and therapeutic activities to improve their mental well-being. In addition, the Psiconnea platform offers online therapy sessions with expert emergency professionals, providing users with comprehensive and personalized support in case they need it.

Reactions and future perspectives:

Psiconnea’s participation in the Gandía Demo eHealth Day generated great expectations among the attendees. Mental health and technology experts were enthusiastic about the startup’s ability to combine cutting-edge technology with psychology, opening up new possibilities for mental health care.

The CEO and founder of Psiconnea, specialized in psychotechnology and emergency psychology, Rosa Becerril, expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to present her project at the event and stated: “Our goal is to provide people with practical and effective tools to improve their well-being. mind in an increasingly digitized world. We are excited to be able to share our vision and to be part of the evolution of psychotechnology.”