About Psiconnea Emergencias

Comprehensive emergency management and psychological support in one tool

Psiconnea Emergencias is a solution that brings together in a single platform the tasks of each of the agents involved in responding to an emergency situation, providing accurate information in real time on the state of those affected.

Psychological intervention in the event of a disaster is a complex process that requires the coordination of many professionals and resources.

Is your company prepared to deal with the unexpected?

As a company, it is essential to be protected against any eventuality. Preparation is the key to effectively face moments of crisis and unforeseen situations.

Preparation makes the difference

Our proven methodology and cutting-edge technology will allow you to be one step ahead of any challenging situation in your company.

The best investment to secure your company’s future

Our software is designed by psychotechnologists with the aim of streamlining the process and improving the efficiency of crisis response.

We help you guarantee the best psychological support for those affected and their families and ensure that all those who need help receive it effectively, mitigating the devastating consequences of poor management.

Why Psiconnea?

Automated emergency management

Psiconnea allows you to maintain autonomy during a crisis, which means you can continue to provide services to your clients without having to worry about managing the workload.

We centralise all services for the comprehensive care of those affected and their families.

Confidentiality and respect for dignity

Designing emergency assistance plans that respect the confidentiality and dignity of companies and accident victims.

Quality psychological care

We have a national and international network of the best emergency psychologists to provide all the necessary support to victims during and after the emergency.

When disaster strikes, it is crucial to be able to keep your business running and respond quickly and effectively.

Attention 24/7, 365 days a year

We guarantee a 24-hour, multilingual service 365 days a year.

Agile, simple and fast coordination

We centralise all the services for the comprehensive care of those affected and their families and channel the tasks to the different departments involved.

Relevant information in real time

Information to facilitate the task of your company’s intervention area, and constant communication with our emergency coordinators.

Psychological care during and post-emergency

Our psychologists are responsible for providing the necessary support to those affected and their families, so that they can return to their pre-accident state.

Rely on the strongest and most established network of Emergency and Disaster professionals in the market.

+ 400 Psychologists specialised, trained and certified in Emergencies and Disasters

Management team with more than 20 years of experience in direct emergency management.

Coverage throughout the national territory.

Multilingual: Spanish, English, Italian, French, Portuguese, Catalan and Basque.

Proven experience in responding to and managing major disasters and emergencies

Availability of equipment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Multisectoral Tool

Whatever the sector to which companies, institutions and/or Public Administrations are dedicated, they are always exposed to unforeseeable situations: accidents, natural disasters, explosions, situations of gender violence, kidnappings…

Psiconnea ensures the efficient management of emergencies in all sectors of activity to ensure their intelligent management.

Large companies already trust us to protect their company and their clients

We work with leading companies in various sectors, pioneers in occupational health care and aware of the importance of managing and optimizing their response in the event of an emergency.

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